The story takes a premise that anything is possible if we put our minds to it and that solutions can be found in unexpected places.

It also examines what is really worthwhile. Should science and resources be devoted to conflict and destruction when there is still so much to discover and achieve.

Our home floats in an amazing universe and we should appreciate and look after it. It looks at the qualities required to do difficult tasks and how exceptionally skilled humans are, even children, compared with our most sophisticated machines.

The text is elevated by over 90 illustrations and the side notes allow the story to flow whist delivering nuggets of fascinating facts.

Most of all it is enlightening and funny and a great read.


Extract - from Chapter One

……For Kirsten at the epicentre it had been immediate and not just deafening, but positively bowel-loosening. The erstwhile members of the congregation of the Hallgrimskirkja were in a state of deep shock. A fine layer of dust covered them, and one by one they slowly took their hands from their ears, finally sure that the noise was subsiding. It still cracked and resonated, though now from a distance. Their ringing eardrums added an extra high note as the wall of sound diminished. Kirsten wanted to get out and see what had happened. She helped Magnus, a fellow lecturer at the university, open the door. The sight that met them was extraordinary: Reykjavik looked as if it had been peeled open like a thousand empty sardine cans. Multicoloured corrugated sheeting was everywhere. Roofs and wall claddings had been peeled off the buildings by the force of the shockwave. Even the famous acid green house was now naked, its sheets joining in a great square pointillist work laid out over the city.

Above, the sky looked as if it had been ripped from horizon to horizon. The meteor trail was so vast that its collapsing vacuum tube had sucked out any moisture in the morning air into a deep, dark, swirling mass. Wilson, moving at 30,000mph, had pushed the air into rolling billows, a series of tight and endless smoke rings moving east, as if still drawn to their creator. The morning sun lit the underside of this vast tube with a yellow hue. The rest was the ethereal clear-blue sky that is particular to the northern climes.

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The Illustrations

The novel has over 90 fantastic illustrations which give great depth to the story, click here to see some examples